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Final Bites at Fancy Food

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

DAY 3 – FANCY FOOD SHOW WINTER 2016   san francisco, ca

The home stretch! Sore feet, tired shoulders and hoarse voices went for one more lap around the floor, looking for final gems on the final exhibition day of the Fancy Food Show. Less crowded than Day 2, there was a lighter vibe in the air, people bidding farewell to new friends and excited about their new food discoveries. Having walked both the North and South halls multiple times it was apparent that the Fancy Food Show was quickly becoming the Natural Food Show. Harking back to our Day 2 thoughts, the consumer cares what goes into their food and how they feed their families. Good, healthy choices are top priority, a mindset that is here to stay, and companies both old and new are taking note and following-through.

We kicked off the day with breakfast at San Francisco staple Sear’s for a boost of energy for our last few hours at the show.

Most Delicious Item Tasted: Sweet, spicy and smoky southern barbeque sauce from the team at Lillie’s Q. Each flavor has a meaningful story behind it and the family recipes are truly made with love.

Most Unexpected Discovery: The awesome new packaging at San Francisco Salt Co. The new Creative Director produced clean, inviting packages, labels and graphics that allow the vibrant, tasty salts and seasonings to be center stage while giving a nod to San Francisco’s heritage. Dedicated to being pure and simple, the flavors are enhanced by the company’s approachable culture. Sound familiar? The same thought process was found in our “prettiest booth” from Day 2. Maybe the seasoning industry is on to something.

Best Chatter Not at a Booth: Newcomer CHEVOO’s extra virgin olive oil marinated goat cheese. A staple in their native Australia the Northern California transplants source as many ingredients locally as they can, harvesting the rest from premier purveyors across the country. CHEVOO California Dill Pollen & Garlic is a delectable bite of harmonious flavor and smooth, creamy cheese.

Last Bite of the Show: A surprisingly substantial bite of pure coconut enrobed in dark and white chocolates hit the spot as our last bite of the day. Oregon darlings Harry & David branch out with their chocolate covered pure fruit confections and sent us home happy campers.

Live vicariously through our Fancy Food Show adventures – Day 1 and Day 2

Salts at San Francisco Salt Co.

Salts at San Francisco Salt Co.

Lillie's Q Sauces & Stories

Lillie’s Q Sauces & Stories

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