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Food & Beverage: Ripe For Disruption

Thursday, February 18, 2016

This week Watershed joined Ruth Reichl at the Food Innovation Center for a discussion on the future of food, politics, and consumer engagement.

To kick it off, Reichl pointed to Silicon Valley as one of the most interesting places to watch right now in food. Many tech firms are looking to solve the big problems of the industry, from food waste to water cleanliness.

It’s simply one of many examples where we’re seeing a shift in food from focusing on ‘me, me, me’ and the associated hedonism towards a more holistic view where food connects us to the planet and to each other.

We asked Reichl about her opinion on the area ripest for disruption across food & beverage, and she notes food justice, particularly for farm workers where poor conditions and pay are commonplace.

Here at Watershed we witness everyday the amazing, growing interest among consumers to know where their food comes from and how it was produced. It starts with a well-crafted story, and that is something we excel at helping clients create.

But we also know it’s a crowded marketplace out there and consumers are engaging with companies differently. That’s why we launched our proprietary marketing insights division, to make sure a brand’s story is precisely tailored and meeting the target customer where they are.

Each quarter we will conduct extensive research to provide direction on some of the largest issues facing the food & beverage industry. For example, we’ll look at what subjects are forefront in corporate social responsibility and how to avoid language gaps with consumers when tailoring a brand image.

This is an evolving project and one in which we hope to collaborate with clients directly. Drop us a line if you have a question of interest or you’re just curious about our upcoming roster of topics.

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