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Neighborhood Eats: Sunnyside

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Portland’s Sunnyside neighborhood has a plethora of top-notch food, coffee, and bar options. The neighborhood is a great example of Portland’s funky foodie culture with food carts, a nickel arcade, and a chill boho vibe. Below are our recommendations for eating your way through Sunnyside.




Canteen – Eating the same damn salad every day gets so boring, and is bad for your healthy eating goals, says MaryGrace Taylor on Canteen is a fun way to eat well without getting bored. Modern and causal, Canteen offers fresh juices, kombucha on tap, and hearty rice, tempeh, and kale bowls. If you still want that salad, you can’t go wrong with the Quinoa Confetti, a vibrant bowl full of chopped fresh herbs, apples, celery, cashews and quinoa with a splash of lime. All of Canteen’s delicious food can be enjoyed on their patio.

“The open dining area, which spills out onto the curb with attractive oak and iron deck furniture, is inviting and sensible: you will have to wait a few minutes for that smoothie, so might as well find a stump! The folks behind the counter are laid-back, not jittery and in-your-face like some of the vegan warlocks operating around town. It’s cozy inside, outside.”– Jack B.


Viking Soul Food


Viking Soul Food – Food carts are embedded in the Portland DNA. Sunnyside happens to be host to some of the best, including Viking Soul Food, which is the brainchild of former Nostrana chefs Megan Walhood and Jeremy Daniels. Viking Soul Food serves traditional Norwegian fare (read: potato lefses) with a Pacific Northwest touch. For example, when in season, you can find chanterelles in many dishes such as the chanterelle hand pie with melty Jarlsberg cheese. The cart is so popular that the chef duo will be opening a sister cart, called The Wild Hunt. This cart will be inside a pimped-out 1987 school bus and parked outside Southeast Portland winery Teutonic, with dishes like black pudding smørrebrød and pork shoulder steak with Jarlsberg apple mustard.


Pied Cow


Pied Cow Coffeehouse – Ambience is a big draw for this late night favorite. Think classic bohemian (you will smell patchouli and see Birkenstocks by the dozen) meets shisha bar. Open until midnight most nights (1am on weekends), strangeness is in no short supply — don’t miss the eerie baby doll collection. Pied Cow isn’t just “keep Portland weird” incarnate though, they’ve got something for everyone. Hookah? Check. Chocolate or cheese fondue? Check. A rich, warm chai latte? Check. Kava (a natural relaxant)? Check.

“Lots of open seating, some secluded areas where you can have a private conversation and other larger rooms where tables and seats line the room. I love this place because of the dessert and the very very ‘keep Portland weird’ vibe.”– Crystal M.


Apizza Scholls


Apizza Scholls – The regular line out the door and average wait time that tops an hour is enough to tell you that Portlanders love their Apizza Scholls. Many Portlanders point to Apizza Scholls as the best pizza in town, perhaps the best pizza on earth. We’re still eating our way through all the pizza on earth (will update, promise), but Apizza Scholls’ New York style pizzas are worth the wait. They use top-notch ingredients, such as Olympia Provisions capicola, Mama Lils’ peppers, and house made sausage. And if that’s not enough, you can use the wait time to beat your old pinball record.


Sweet Hereafter


Sweet Hereafter – Vegetarians and vegans of Portland rejoice; this bar is here to sate your báhn mì cravings. Sweet Hereafter is the perfect mix of edgy and hip, while remaining casual. The cocktails are cheap, strong, and so delicious. Beware the heavy pours of vodka and bourbon in the Hereafter cocktail — the boozy Arnold Palmer served in a mammoth mason jar. Sweet Hereafter is a great place for a good time — the inside is lively and the outside patio is equipped with fire pits and a big screen for the game.




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