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New Seasons Market brings GrönCBD into the fold

Monday, October 29, 2018

New Seasons Market brings GrönCBD products into the fold

GrönCBD chocolates and tinctures are 25% off for the first two months, Oct 25 – Dec 25


Portland, Ore. (October 29, 2018) — In a trailblazing exploration of the newest discovery in wellness products, New Seasons Market welcomes GrönCBD products into all 26 of their privately-owned grocery stores throughout the Pacific Northwest. Starting October 25, find GrönCBD chocolate bars and tinctures on New Seasons Market shelves. For the first two months, you’ll get GrönCBD products at 25% off until December 25, 2018. Now is the perfect time to expand your wellness routine and discover the healing benefits of non-cannabis, non-hemp CBD products.

CBD, short for “cannabidiol,” is quickly becoming a household name in the wellness department; with versions seen in chocolates, tinctures, body balms, and so much more, GrönCBD mixes top quality products with ingenious, innovative science.

GrönCBD, pioneers in the CBD industry within Portland, are encouraged by the company’s success with cannabis-inclusive products (Grön Chocolates). With a continued commitment to providing natural alternatives for pain, founder and owner Christine Smith focused on finding an opportunity to provide CBD and its therapeutic qualities to everyone by leveraging a breakthrough in which CBD is derived from the bark of an Asian pine tree. 

It is completely marijuana-free, and anyone can enjoy its benefits.

Adding CBD products, with their therapeutic qualities, makes absolute sense for a grocery store with such a robust line of wellness products and natural remedies. In New Seasons Market, you’ll find a large selection of wellness products ranging from beauty products to body care, vitamins, supplements, essential oils, aromatherapy, and more. Starting October 25, 2018, all 26 New Seasons Market locations will include GrönCBD chocolates and tinctures on their shelves. NSM stores can be found in the Portland metro area in Oregon, Vancouver and Seattle in Washington, and in Northern California.

“We are beyond thrilled to be included in New Seasons Market stores throughout the Northwest. CBD is new to most markets, so most companies are taking steps that are slow and careful. New Seasons is on the cutting edge of exploring this new possibility in the world of wellness products,” says owner and founder of GrönCBD Christine Smith. “It reminds me of when gluten free products started showing up on shelves ten years ago. Now, GF options are on every shelf, and our lives are made better for it. New Seasons’ early understanding of the therapeutic qualities present in our products proves that this company is unwavering in their support of quality wellness products—they want the patrons of their grocery stores to be the best they can be, and to have the best products available, and we’re so grateful to be included in that commitment.”

GrönCBD products can also be found at Grön’s CBD Café, America’s first CBD café and tasting room, located at 960 SE Madison Street, Portland, Oregon, 97214. Stop in to sample Grön’s world-class, CBD-infused dark and milk chocolate bars and decadent CBD chocolate and caramel sauces.  And for those who like to make their own creations, purchase one of the many CBD-infused products to help you make your own infused treats at home. Other items include CBD-infused body balms, tinctures, drinking chocolate, and more.

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