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American Craft Whiskey Private Barrel Selection Programs To Take Note Of

Thursday, February 28, 2019

American Craft Whiskey Private Barrel Selection Programs To Take Note Of – The Whiskey Wash

Walk into a liquor store or chat with the founder of a local whiskey club and you’ll likely come to learn about some type of private barrel whiskey program they’ve taken part in. Most of the larger American whiskey brands, such as Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark, are doing these types of undertakings.

The Best Jerky for Every Appetite

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Best Jerky for Every Appetite

For eons, jerky has been a staple for long-haul travelers and those desperately trying to appease the destructive power of Macho Man Randy Savage. But in recent years, jerky has transcended its status as a quick-fix gas station snack, with dozens of worthy offerings dominating shelves at groceries, health-food stores, and artisan food markets.

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky Isn’t Meat, But It’s Still Better Than Jack Link’s

Monday, February 11, 2019

Mushroom Jerky Isn’t Meat, But It Still Tastes Better Than Jack Link’s

At its core, jerky is something that has been sliced into strips and dried for the sake of preservation. In our carnivore-centric world, that traditionally means meat-cattle to be specific, though gators, bison, and elk have all received the jerky treatment.

A Feminist City Guide to Portland

Friday, November 30, 2018

A Feminist City Guide to Portland | Unearth Women

Cousins Kim and Tyler Malek are the dynamic duo behind Salt & Straw, Portland’s most talked about ice cream company. Envisaging a friendly neighborhood hangout that just so happens to offer the city’s most inventive ice cream flavors, Kim endeavored to open her own scoop shop since 1996.

The League of Kitchens featured on MSNBC’s “Your Business”

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

American Business: Melting Pot: Capitalizing on the experience of immigrants

We’re proud to have secured TV placement for Lisa Gross and The League of Kitchens, a New York City-based program that empowers immigrants to become educators and teach small cooking workshops in their homes. In the segment, MSNBC’s “Your Business” takes an insightful look into the business of sharing culture through culinary tradition. You can learn more about TLOK here.