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Sazerac Company Introduces Saltworks Property Vodka

Monday, February 11, 2019

Sazerac Company Introduces Saltworks Property Vodka

An Innovative Collection, Embodying the Very Spirit of the Epicurean Good Life

CHICAGO, IL (February 6, 2019) 
Giving salt its much-deserved place at the table, Sazerac Company is launching Saltworks Property, a uniquely crafted collection of sea salt infused vodkas that celebrate the marriage of fine food and drink. The initial collection is comprised of two vodka expressions, Himalayan Sea Salt and Smoked Sea Salt.
Saltworks Property Vodka hails from Sazerac’s Boston Brands of Maine Distillery, known for its extensive spirits making expertise. Starting with only the finest grains from the heartland, each batch is distilled seven times for extra smoothness before it is infused with gourmet sea salts. Careful attention is paid throughout the process to ensure a best in class drinking experience.
Salt, a natural ingredient, has existed for eternity.  Since its discovery, salt has decidedly impacted commerce and cuisine for its role as a food preservative and a flavor enhancer we often crave. In 1775, the British Parliament cut off all vital salt supplies coming to America. In 1776, Americans began to produce their own salt on acreage designated as “Salt Works Property” on tax lists. Celebrating this legacy, Saltworks Property Vodka combines the rich history of salt with incredibly smooth super premium vodka.
Saltworks Property vodkas are infused with gourmet sea salts, elevating the natural flavor of the grains to create a savory taste never before available. Each expression is thoughtfully crafted to enhance the overall drinking experience. The Himalayan Pink Sea Salt expression embodies the savory flavor profile of the coveted salt mined from naturally occurring salt veins in the Himalayan Mountains delivering a clean, crisp finish. The Smoked Sea Salt expression is a proprietary combination of gourmet salts, primarily sourced from France, which brings subtle complexity by adding a dimensional and authentic rich, robust smokehouse character. Salt enhances flavor, having a greater impact on flavor than any other ingredient, and both Saltworks Property Vodkas complement sweet and savory cocktails alike by accentuating existing flavor notes.
Kristy Crane, marketing director for Saltworks, said, “our brand is committed to experimentation and innovation in vodka through gourmet salts, and we were honored to receive a gold medal at the 2018 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition for our Smoked Sea Salt Vodka.”
With Saltworks Property, consumers get to enjoy a new taste experience in vodka. Whether your preference is for a classic cocktail, on the rocks, or chilled from the freezer, all are fitting choices for Saltworks Property, a uniquely crafted collection of vodkas that allow you to feel like you are living the epicurean good life.
Saltworks Property is 80 proof and is available in 750ml bottles at a suggested retail price of $24.99 in Baltimore, Denver, Seattle & Washington D.C. For more information, visit