Shepherd’s Grain

The Challenge:

This progressive and successful grain cooperative was having difficulty breaking through to their target customer: the retail baking operation, both independent and in-store grocery operations. The sales team was not able to communicate the remarkable achievement and quality of the products in a concise and impactful way. The bakery customer has limited time for sales meetings and needs to be persuaded to choose the more expensive Shepherd’s Grain product over commodity flour.

The Solution:

Watershed worked with the management team to help them understand the barriers they were creating with their current sales messaging. Through Watershed’s Circle of Resonance exercise, we helped them move from basing their approach on simply a litany of facts about their product to a unified, high-level, emotionally based message. Their core customer — the retail bakery operator — could now understand the distinctive attributes of their product and also how the Shepherd’s Grain message could benefit their own bakery business. The new messaging strategy was the first step in repositioning Shepherd’s Grain so they could move out of the commodity realm into the premium realm, with an authentic story that would resonate with their target market.

The Results:

A new pair of taglines — one for b-to-c and one for b-to-b use. Talking points for sales force, talking points for media, and a positioning platform from which the company could launch into new markets.

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