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Summer Dining Picks

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

There are still two good months of warm days, long nights, and al fresco dining. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite dining spots that feature Portland’s best seasonal produce, as well as killer cocktail and rosé lists, to help you squeeze the last bit out of summer.

Chicken & Cocktails
This one is a two-fer, thanks to the Zipper micro-restaurant complex. We love Basilisk for being the best fried chicken sandwich in Portland (yeah, we said it), and Paydirt for their amazing spirits list (shout out to Ransom Wine Co. & Distillery) and killer cocktails. We recommend: the standard fried chicken sando from Basilisk, and the Old Fashioned Roulette (bartender’s choice of whiskey/sugar/bitters/citrus/ice), on the patio.

Smoke & Brews
Wayfinder is (finally) brewing their own beer, and we couldn’t be happier. Kevin Davey’s brews are some of the best you’ll find in Portland—a bold claim that we proudly stand by. But don’t sleep on the food. Whether you go with fish and chips, dirty fries, or the black lodge sandwich, you’ll be satisfied, and incredibly full. We recommend: the Black Lodge (also available as a salad), and a half-liter of Party Time (German pils).

Bollywood G&T
Give us a Kati Roll with some outdoor seating and we’re set. It doesn’t hurt that Bollywood makes one of the best G&Ts in town either. The secret? Extra lime. Citrus cuts through the quinine bite of tonic. We recommend: a Kati Roll (with chicken) and a gin and tonic.

Another One
We’re still big fans of the micro-restaurant thing. And though a fire sadly tore through Tails & Trotters, the Ocean is still kicking. Our favorite summer pick is Uno Mas. A few tacos, a Mexican lager, and outdoor seating is all we need to keep summer going, basically forever. We recommend: pastor tacos and a Michelada (your choice of beer plus a mix of spices).

Living in a Veggie Paradise
Chef Joshua Mcfadden’s newest spot, Tusk, is a veg-heavy paradise. The middle eastern-inspired restaurant features produce that is locally sourced and “aggressively seasonal.” The wine list has selections from Slovenia, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, and the United States, with a German sparkling rosé available by either the glass or the bottle. We recommend: a glass of the Stein Rose Secco from Germany, Tusk hummus, Little Gems, Sprouted Barley, and the Baked Halloumi.

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