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Tree Water is The New Black

Sunday, January 17, 2016

DAY 1 – FANCY FOOD SHOW WINTER 2016   san francisco, ca

The energy inside the Fancy Food Show canceled out the dreary, gray, muggy day we awoke to in San Francisco. Colors, countries, cultures and cuisine collided for a welcoming first day on the floor. We tasted, sipped and grazed our way through – all to bring the best brands to you.

Best item tasted: Hot pink pitaya (dragonfruit) puree. An incredibly refreshing, cold slush of subtle sweetness.

Most interesting conversation: The crew at Sapp introduced us to the world of tree water. The organic birch tree water is tapped and bottled, high in minerals and a natural, gentle detox. Our fave was the nettle infusion. “A tangible connection to nature in an urban environment.” They nailed that tagline and copy – well done!

Random connection: Discovering our two degree separation from our new best friend at Fentimans while sipping the company’s Rosewater Lemonade. Moments like this is what makes this giant industry feel like a small family!

Best one-liner of the day: “Did you put it in your mouth?”    (In regard to the “candy cheese.”)

Most exciting discovery: Ritter Sport is family owned! With such a large devoted following, we were pleasantly surprised to hear the story of this family owned business.

PHOTO: Fresh mozzarella makes up for the unfortunate cheese candy incident.

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Fresh pulled mozzarella. Fancy Food Show Winter 2016

Fresh pulled mozzarella. Fancy Food Show Winter 2016

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