We’re branding specialists for the premium food and drink industry.

Millennials, as the largest generation in U.S. history, have more consumer purchasing influence than any other age group.  Watershed builds campaigns based on narrative — the millennial currency.

It’s pretty simple: your story is the way you relate to the world. It explains why your brand is good, why you’re different, why your market needs to know about you.

But telling your story in a powerful way isn’t easy. That’s where we come in.

We know how to find out who you are. We help you develop language that conveys the essence of your brand. We build the storytelling around that, find the emotional touchpoints, the ways to connect the dots – we help to craft your positioning.

With solid positioning in place, we then use an integrated approach to work with you to reach your goals: a mix of classic media relations, brand activation, consumer engagement, connecting with tastemakers, and other custom solutions that respond to your vision and resources…solutions that generate results.

Our approach to restaurant, food, and drink brand communications and marketing

It’s a matter of knowledge and nuance. We have deep understanding of the various parts of your target markets, and therefore we can discern what problem each constituent is trying to solve. Who are we speaking to, what is their greatest desire or concern, and how does your story fit – authentically and honestly – into that concern. We take the time to craft every campaign with this attention to nuance, because we feel that’s what makes the difference. Rifle- shot messaging or blanket statements don’t work — no matter how clever. We are all about customizing the communication, while keeping true to the message. With Watershed, accuracy and authenticity combine with keen intuition and understanding of the various tiers in the market.