What we do best | artisan food marketing services

Our staff has a broad set of skills and our weeks are filled with activities that range from leading branding workshops to hosting national travel media to interviewing fishermen to photographing cow horns (biodynamic farming client!). But to make things easy, we’ve grouped our core capabilities:



Who are you and why should anybody care? Those are the essential questions we dig into with you, using our proprietary Cultural Context method. From there, we craft the right communications strategy to convey the answers to your market.


We’re expert story hunters, and we understand how to shape your story so it resonates in the right conversations. Media trust us because we act as true resources for them.


It’s all about engagement and we create events and other consumer outreach that engages in ways that inspire, educate and endure. We know how to align your brand with experiences and content that your customers truly value.


Whether it’s developing recipes, choosing a spokesperson, launching a restaurant concept, or creating a beer-pairing menu, we’re equipped to supply expert, insightful, and action-oriented advice and information. You’ll get national-magazine quality content from our content side, trained ethnographic studies from our market research side, and savvy, finger-on-the pulse guidance from our restaurant division.


Steeped in the tradition of anthropological observation, our insights division provides context to the world of big data. Using a multitude of techniques from digital ethnography to intercept interviews, we do the leg-work necessary to provide precise and targeted marketing.

In the crowded food & beverage industry, empowered consumers are king. We make it our mission to understand the landscape so that we may develop your strategic position and hone your voice in the most powerful way possible. We approach our research as a blank-slate to create a direct line to how your end consumer thinks.

Watershed produces relevant proprietary research on some of the largest issues facing the food & beverage industry. Think interviews with today’s tastemakers, in-store observation of millennial consumers, and quantified data on the most trusted media sources out there.

As well, we offer custom research across all qualitative disciplines and many quantitative.


We don’t see digital media as a challenge, but rather as an amazing opportunity for consumer engagement. Social media, blogs, forums, and the like provide us with a highly valuable direct-to-consumer tool. We help brands leverage this tool by managing their user generated content, optimizing web presence, and providing guidance through consultation and workshop.

Services include but are not limited to: social media management, SEO, web content creation, social monitoring & research, and digital workshops with consultation.



Our services range from a few bites to a whole meal:

Recipes as the flavor of your business
We’ll develop the concept or campaign, and then create recipes and other cooking how-to information that showcases your product or business effectively for you target audience.

We can develop dishes from scratch in our own test kitchens, work with your concepts to make them better, or develop a program of chef-generated recipes.

Depending on your final use, we’ll style and photograph the recipes using nationally renowned photographers, and then we’ll design and produce the recipes to use as cards, on web pages, in sales material, newsletters, packaging and more.

Content with a purpose
We can bring an editorial edge to your marketing materials, with engaging content and fresh, dynamic visuals – moving from “sales piece” to “content with a purpose.” Our years of magazine journalism experience mean we know how to package information with just the right tone, look and feel, whether for consumers or business-to-business communications.

And we’re experts. We’ve seen too many expensively produced materials that were clearly produced by creative teams that didn’t understand the food and drink world. We understand the importance of context and nuance.

Engaging with your brand on the web
A good website is vital “base camp” for your business. Why not make it a powerful customer experience as well as a source for key information. We can develop and produce content for your site that engages your customer in a way that’s fresh and still authentic to your brand, from focused pages to an entire editorial concept.

Beyond press kits
Does anyone even need a press kit anymore? There are so many ways to provide key information to media and customers, from a traditional printed press kit to a YouTube video. We can help you analyze the best medium for you and then create it, leveraging your resources in the most effective way.

Pictures worth so much more
Good photography, to use on your website, in marketing materials, and to make available to media, can be expensive so it’s critical to not only select the right photographer but to understand what types of photos you need and how to communicate with the photographer to get the best work. We can commission, conceive, art direct and edit photography for all your needs.

Videos with value
A guy with a flip camera does not equal compelling video. We work with experts who can create short or long-form videos that maximize the power of the medium in sharing information or telling your story.