Meet Watershed's Team


Rachel Chittick

Born in Connecticut and raised in California and New Jersey, Rachel bounced around many coastal states (10 in total) before landing in Oregon 4 years ago. When asked what’s been her favorite, Rachel enthusiastically names Oregon, however, New York City, where she studied European History at Barnard College, comes in a close second.

While in college, Rachel worked as a museum tour guide where she recognized her innate ability to connect with people, a quality that complements both her client interaction and the media relations components of her current work at Watershed.

Following college, Rachel moved to Miami, Florida where she worked as a marketing manager in AT&T’s Caribbean and Latin American headquarters. While in Miami, she also met and married her husband (the two were set up by their moms).

Following a move to Atlanta, Rachel entered the sales training program at Xerox. Since then her professional journey has followed the moving trucks, winding its way from office equipment to charitable giving, children’s publishing to college and career mentorship. Along the way, she has also been raising two kind, compassionate and inquisitive humans. Through her journey Rachel has developed an abiding flexibility and strong organization skills; traits she puts to good use in her administrative and project management roles at Watershed.

One late summer day in 2017, an intriguing professional opportunity on a Barnard College alumnae social media page caught Rachel’s eye, and within a week she had joined the Watershed team. Though she found her way to Watershed by what seems like chance, it is no surprise that she ended up supporting premium food and beverage brands. Rachel, who as an 8 year old girl elicited strange looks and questions for bringing brie and paté on baguette in her school lunch sack, was destined to arrive here at some point.

When she isn’t working, Rachel can be found exploring her adopted home state either by trail in her hiking boots or by country road on her bike. Rachel also enjoys experiencing Portland’s ever changing food scene and feeding that 8 year old’s curious palate.


Katie Watkins

Katie Watkins has been living and working in Portland since 2011 as a marketer, communications professional, and producer of performance. Born in Maryland, with a pit stop in middle Illinois, Katie spent most of her childhood living right outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Her Southern roots provide ingrained life lessons in hospitality, a desire to make everyone in the room feel comfortable, a deep-seated curiosity in hearing others’ life stories, and a love of meeting new people that lends itself highly to her work with Watershed Communications.

Her roles with Watershed include account management and media relations for hospitality, food and beverage clients. She loves the ability to translate her arts production and management skills into effective PR campaigns, events and storytelling.

In the creation of her own artistic work, Katie’s interests lie in destroying the line between should and should-not; embracing life’s mundanity and surprise; using her body to create visual representations of life; and creating work that speaks for those who might not otherwise be heard, particularly those whose voices land in the mental health sector. In addition to her own work, she aims to bring together unlikely pairs, create new life from nothing, connect with people across the globe, and assist in bringing great work to life.



Chris Bartell

A self-proclaimed chocoholic, Chris is a northwest native who has a passion for the outdoors and our abundance of delectable delights that spring from Portland. His passion for food and beverage stems from his first job: working for his parents’ small chain of “A Deli” restaurants in the Seattle area as soon as he could reach the till (with a stool) and make change for customers. (Plus, his favorite lunch item was on the menu as “Chris’ Super Samich” which was peanut butter and honey on egg bread.)

Chris has also spent his entire career in communications. Starting as a reporter for KXL Newsradio 750 AM and CBS News, his ability to quickly create and “go live” with a story easily transitioned to crafting content for clients for the web and social media at various advertising and public relations agencies.

Today, Chris is our brand engagement strategist. His passion is to see our clients “unleash their super powers.” He loves conducting strategic workshops, developing marketing campaigns and working with clients to devise smart, effective content programs to tell delicious brand stories. Warning: he also has a thing for musical theater and may break out in song at any moment!